Odysseus and his troop escaped they left the

                                                          Odysseus and the Cyclops 

      Odysseus and his men were on their boat
and Odysseus had noticed a big island that was not too far from them. As they
got closer they seen a large goat pen outside of a cave and as they were
looking Odysseus and his men seen cheeses and meat that they could desire for.
So, once they made it into the cave they decided to stay overnight. When
Odysseus and his men were sleeping the Cyclops had came back (he was a big man)
and as he’d walked in seeing Odysseus and his men sleeping he grabbed two of
Odysseus men and bashed both of their brains out on everyone by eating them for

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      After he took two of his men Odysseus and
some of men decided to make a plan to escape from Cyclops. So Odysseus gave
Cyclops a cup of wine (remember Cyclops never drunk wine before) that came from
ashore of skins that will make him go to sleep. Once the wine started to kick
in Cyclops asked for Odysseus name he told him that his name was “Nobody” but
Cyclops was too drunk to even remember. When Cyclops had fallen asleep Odysseus
and his men took a timber and heated the sharpened end and with all their
strength they pushed the sharpened end into Cyclops eye and that’s when Cyclops
jumped up and started panicking everyone started to escape out of the cave. But
as he was panicking some of Odysseus men couldn’t get out of the cave. So when
Odysseus and his troop escaped they left the island soon as possible.

    One of the problems with using the Odyssey
story is in our classroom. In are classes some of us are often familiar with
the most popular sections of the epic. A lot of us have heard the adventures in
book 9-12. Like now I’m going to start comparing with the odyssey story.
Odysseus interacted with the Cyclops, he experienced with Circe the goddess,
his time hades, and many more. But, formal and informal surveys of students the
Odyssey story is one of the least- read book.