My Spanish class. Also, I challenged myself to

    My name is Yosselin Fernandez and I am trying my hardest to accomplish my dreams and be successful in life. Four years ago, my family and I moved from Mexico to the United States. I was 14 years old when I came here and it was really hard for me to adapt to a new house, new school, new people, and the new language. It was like a whole different world for me. My first year living in the U.S was the hardest. I used to get frustrated because I didn’t understand anything at school. I didn’t know a word of English and at first I didn’t have any friends. As the months passed, I started to make new friends that helped me a lot. I used to practice English with them and that really helped me to learn quickly.     Even though it was hard because I didn’t speak English, I always tried my best to be a responsible and dedicated student. Throughout high school I have managed to maintain a 3.77 overall GPA and I have been very active in clubs such as the Spanish club, Multicultural club, and I was part of the cross country team. This year, I was selected to be the treasurer of the Spanish club. Being part of clubs and sports had help me gain leadership skills, and the ability to work cooperatively with others. Additionally, I took a couple of Honors Courses in math and science and an AP Spanish class. Also, I challenged myself to take and ROP course in Child Development which allowed me to gain skills in how to teach and take care of little children. This year I decided to take the ROP Certified Nurse Assistant course. In this class I’m learning a lot. I have been learning from how to take vital signs to how to take care of residents in long term care facilities. In addition to the many skills I have acquired at school, I have shown myself to be a honorable citizen by being an active participant giving service to this community. I was part of the AVID Program and we went to the Valley Children’s Hospital during Christmas break for two years in a row to help wrap gifts for the patients. Also, I have been part of the Migrant Program for more than 3 years. In this program I have had the opportunity to attend to many meetings in different colleges were they teach me about college, financial aid, scholarships, and how to be successful. Last year, with this program I had the opportunity to stay at the Fresno state dorms for a summer program which lasted 2 weeks where I learned basic skills in medicine, agriculture, and engineering. Right now, I’m a volunteer at the Golden Living Center  in Sanger And I’m a member of the Education and Leadership Association.