Here a creative and spontaneous person. I have

Here I am sitting with lots of excitement to write my motivational letter. Let me give my introduction first: I am Mohammad Faijus Salehin; age 25 years. I have achieved my B.Sc. in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (ETE), Southeast University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.I have always cherished an aim to work in an international field of wireless communication engineering. To contribute in this field, i must have to achieve deeper theoretical and practical knowledge. Writing this letter, i am proving my interest studying in Wireless Communications Engineering, Master of Science (Technology) at University of Oulu, Finland.I have earned my bachelor degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering with a CGPA of 2.68/4.00. I have completed a 3 months of internship work at GP. I. ASIATEL ltd. (Subcontract Company of LM Ericsson Bangladesh LTD, Huawei, NSN). At early age, I have found my interest in mobile and wireless communication engineering. After knowing the method of teaching, technological advancement and overall the situation of campus have inspired me to apply at University of Oulu. Therefore I believe University of Oulu would be the best place for me to achieve my M.Sc. in Wireless Communication Engineering.When I was completing my bachelor degree program I have achieved good command on Communication Theory, Telecommunication Engineering, Mobile Communication, Optical Fiber Communication, Engineering Electromagnetics, Microwave Engineering, Signal and Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Electronic circuit and devices, Digital Electronics, Computer Networking, Computer Architecture, Programming Language(C, C++ & Java), Microprocessor Design & Assembly Language programming and Data Structure. Through my internship, I have got practical experience in 3G scripting, Login RBS (2G & 3G), Wireless base transmission, Microwave link networks, Troubleshooting 2G & 3G networking, Overhauling of networking equipment and BTS Site Maintenance.From my childhood I have integrated myself as a creative and spontaneous person. I have always found my interest in communication technology. As a result, when I was in high school I visited the operational field of BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited) accompanied by my father. It really amazed me how the telecommunication system works. So when the time came to choose the program of my bachelor science degree, I found my spontaneity in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. During the time of doing my B.Sc. program i found myself very fluent in my academic major subjects. I have always involved myself into continues professional learning process. For our better training we have been sent to Bangladesh Betar (Is the state-owned radio broadcasting organization of Bangladesh & also Known as Radio Bangladesh) by our university. We have tried to gather as much knowledge about radio transmission. My university authority also arranged a site visiting at MSC (Mobile Switching Center) of Teletalk Bangladesh where I have learnt the operation of MSC to BSC (Base Station Controller) to BTS (Base Transceiver Station).In the time of my thesis, I have deeply involved myself into professional working activities. My thesis topic is “A Survey on Power System’s Communication Network of Bangladesh”. The supervisor of my thesis found me very likeable and inquisitive. For my thesis I worked on Power Line Carrier (PLC) and Optical Fiber Communication. More specifically by using Internet based Virtual Private Networks, Power Line Communications, Wireless Communications (wireless sensor networks, WiMAX and wireless mesh networks). By doing the thesis, my area of knowledge expanded on communication infrastructure, emerging smart grid, communication network architecture and power system automation applications.During my internship, I visited the ROBI AXIATA ltd. BTS site. ROBI AXIATA ltd. is one of the largest mobile phone operators in Bangladesh. It is the first operator in the country to introduce GPRS. At first, I was introduced to the primary and auxiliary equipment of principal of communication system. There I got the basic introduction of PIB, MDB, Rectifiers, Node B, Minilink TN, Battery, RBS, RUS, RUG, dTRU, MW Antenna, GSM Antenna, TMF, Combiner, Optical fiber, Jumper cable, Connector & RRU. I felt very lucky that I got my firsthand experience of operating the important equipment of communication accompanied by the Chief Engineer. He showed me how to login on RBS (2G & 3G) and Scripting very precisely. I was also instructed to know about the principal operation of Rx and Tx. About the troubleshooting I did two days of research. This research has made me compatible to solve the sudden break down of a BTS site. I was also briefed about the safety and alarming system. Following, I was sent to the ROBI Axiata BSC site where I worked on the how to maintenance of the BTS site. On completion of my internship I have felt confident enough to work practically on a wireless communication site where the theoretical a practical knowledge coincided.After getting checked all of my documents, it is obviously noticeable that my CGPA is not that good. I am being very frank about the reason of my poor CGPA, when I was doing my B.Sc. I ran all my educational expenses. To do so I did some contractual job and tuition. The situation was not like that my family was insolvent to bear my study expenses. But I have always tried to be self-dependent which is the main reason to get involved with earing in my early life. But now the situation has changed. My family is encouraging me to study further and they have assured me to give my higher educational expenses. So by providing my financial documents I can assure that I will have enough money for living cost and other needs. My actual aim is now to complete my M.Sc. further Ph.D. in wireless communication. To fulfill my theoretical and professional knowledge, carry on my passion, I must have to utilize the most of the time for studying and researching in my M.Sc. Therefore I will not be in need of any job during my studies. So, the financial document can prove my solvency for living and other necessary cost.With the aim of contributing in the future field of Wireless Communication, my main intention is to do my Ph.D. further. I would be really obliged if i get opportunity in future to complete my Ph.D. in University of Oulu, Finland.It might be heard fancy but I have always implied myself as a good teacher. So in the first mention of my future plan, I want to share my knowledge with the upcoming engineers. On the second part of my future plan I want to work internationally for the advancement of wireless communication technology.It will be really an honorable opportunity to get chance in University of Oulu. With a big heart of expectation I will be waiting for a positive response. In the conclusion, I want to give thanks to University of Oulu to give me the chance to apply.