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e-commerce developersSummary: This article explains the hidden secrets behind the success of an eCommerce, which is the digital and most modern form of doing businesses these days. The predominance of eCommerce sector in the business world is obvious as every sphere of today’s generation is engulfed by the internet and web space. Most modern forms of businesses have embraced eCommerce technology, making online shopping an irrefutable phenomenon. In fact, it has instituted an ideal position in the IT domain by making online shopping experience very much trivial. On the whole, for entrepreneurs, getting an eCommerce store is a rightful step towards making their business more successful and augmenting the profits. However, there is the need for a great deal of strategy to makes things work in favour the eCommerce success. Thus, understanding how eCommerce works or what are the hidden facts behind its success is crucial. #1 There has to be a clear approach to BrandingPeople will not be attracted towards your store amidst other alike stores until you are unique. This simply means eCommerce businesses need to create a strong brand for representing their store on web front. Some emphatic measures for creating brand are a unique website, iconic logo, social networks integrations, product reviews or feedbacks across multiple sites, social forums or blog sites. #2 Creating a USP of the eCommerce business USP or specifically Unique Selling Proposition will showcase what you have at your end to offer to the buyers. While most online consumers spend a lot of time researching the prices, products quality, discounts or reviews, etc. before buying a product, decide what will be your USP. Whether it will be the budget-friendly prices, premium quality, warranty or lucrative deals, showcase them in your every promotional message and brand slogan. While the USP of the eCommerce ┬ábrand will show what is the business primary goal, it also helps the buyers to take their purchasing decisions quickly, #3 Payment flexibilities and secured paymentsFlexible and secure payments is an essential fact of making an eCommerce store successful. With many vital and potential information (financial and personal) being handled by the site online, there is always a risk of data getting retrieved by outside party for unethical purposes. Thus, securing the website payments with SSL is essential, that ensures that data regarding all transactions are encrypted and hence there are very fewer chances of them to be hacked. #4 Strategies for customer retention For any business, regardless it is online or offline, customer retention is one of the supreme factors for getting more sales and to build an eminent brand. Moreover, when a business wins some really loyal customers, they are the company assets. A loyal buyer will not only buy products from you everytime they are in need, but will also spread good words about your brand and its products across his own social circles. Thus, the simple success mantra is staying connected with the old customers with different custom strategies and make them feel valued. ┬áThese are topmost hidden secrets for getting success in an eCommerce business. But, the facts surely do not end here for there are many other predominant ways to ensure the overnight success of an online business. Extensive store accessibility (also from mobile and tablets), detailed product descriptions, multi-channel marketing, etc. are few to mention. Author bio:..is one of talented professionals and eCommerce developers at Vision & Solutions, which is a premier software and web development company located in Sydney and has dealt with hundreds of complex projects from clients worldwide.