Does while giving a radiant look even before


Does the wintry weather wreck the havoc out of you? Don’t
worry now; by following some easy winter
makeup tips and tricks, for your
dry skin, you can look flawless this


1.    Put out that
perfect pout

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Carrying a lip balm is the epitome of necessities in any
season. Having a good lip balm is on the top of essentials you would want to
start with this winter.

Instead of cracked, flaky lips, so why not start by applying
a neutral tone lip balm. This will give moisture to your lips making them soft.
Once you are done with your face makeup routine, then you can get onto your
lips, apply a lip liner that matches to the color of your lips and lastly apply
a lip color. 


2.    Pace up exfoliating

In winters, skin’s surface can become dry and flaky, leaving
you to look dull and dry. Avoid caking up that dry surface of your skin with
foundation. Get your glow back by starting with a gentle exfoliate once or
twice a week.


Follow up by applying a heavy layer of moisturizer on the
damp skin. Leave it for a while for your skin to absorb and hydrate before
starting with a primer followed by foundation. Find the best foundation for
suits your winter dry skin and get a
flawless looking radiant glow. You can give the last touch-ups by using a cream
base blush and highlighter.


here is the catch, give some intervals while applying different products!


3.    Pack your skin
with some sunscreen

Winters sunrays can be harsh on your skin as compared to the
summers. So don’t forget to use a sunscreen with sun-reflecting properties like
SPF 30. A good sunscreen must be your companion all the year round. It protects
your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

You can also use spray sunscreens to have an even
distribution of the lotion on your skin.


4.    Moisturizing is a

Follow up exfoliating with a layer of moisturizer while your
skin is still damp. This can help in removing those dry-winter patches while
giving a radiant look even before you apply foundation.

Make sure you are also hydrating your body by drinking lot of


5.    Opt for liquid

While you normally tend to use face compacts. In winters,
however, if you want to avoid looking like a white zombie, make sure you opt
for more options that have a liquid base.

Why not try some liquid highlighters or eyeshadows this
winter. Keep in trend with by highlighting your high points with a liquid
highlighter for your face this winter.  


If you are constantly looking for new beauty products for
your winter skin care in a hope to get that perfect
glow, look no more.


these 5 beauty tips a part of your routine and get that winter-perfect glow for
your skin.